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Hostile Takeover of Hundred Years Gallery (June - September 2016)
evil marketing campaign

In early summer 2016, uncanny events started to occur at the Hundred Years Gallery, an independent art gallery in East London, UK. Initially, the good people of the gallery did not pay much attention, as they thought it was the benevolent spirit of Melquiades, who had made the gallery his temporary home many a times before. Yet what unfolded over the following three months was anything but benevolent and would change the Hundred Years Gallery forever.

Marketing Brochure
Marketing Video
Social Media Campaign
experimental crossover of art & marketing
exhibited at:
Hundred Years Gallery
London, United Kingdom
September 2016
Lisboa (September 2015 / ongoing)
visual sketchbook

'Lisboa' is a concept, in sketchbook form, for an experimental short film of about 12 minutes. The concept, which is part of a larger series of projects exploring ideas of time, place and memory, was developed during a four week residency in Lisbon, Portugal, in September 2015, during which the work in progress was shown as an installation.

visual concept for short film
exhibited at:
Lisbon, Portugal
September 2015
#MNEMONICCITY (April 2015)
social media experiment

#MNEMONICCITY was a social media experiment led by Rupert Jaeger in April 2015, which used Instagram as a tool to create a shared experience and documentation of three groups of artists of the Mnemonic City project, who were simultaneously exploring particular areas of London, UK, Bologna, Italy and Lisbon, Portugal.

social media experiment
exhibited at:
the world wide web
The Rentner Years (September 2001 - September 2004)
cause and effect structure

Many years ago, a strange word started to appear occasionally in colloquial use of the English language: 'Rentner'. These appearances were mostly confined to certain parts of East and North East London, but further research seems to trace the origin of this curious phenomenon a few months further into the past. And into the heart of Old Europe.

historical development
traces in:
London, UK
Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France;
Brussels, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands;
Berlin, Germany;
Frankfurt, Germany