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Dollars, Pounds 'n Euros, Baby (March 2003)
currency war
'Dollars, Pounds 'n' Euros, Baby' is a triptych of paintings that refer in concept and form to a particular geographical area, which was considered by the artist to be his 'art market' at the time. This consideration concerned both Rupert Jaeger's cultural background as well as his aspirational outlook at the time the paintings were made. The value of the paintings - as per each component of the overall area - was determined as follows:

a) by roughly calculating the material value of the 3 paintings. These consisted of plasterboard (300 x 300 x 10 mm approx, each); paper and glue; white primer paint; and red and white acrylic paint. Please note that the plasterboard was not paid for by the artist. It was found in the corridor of 450 St Anns Road, where the artist was residing at the time. The plasterboard was leftover material of a refurbishment attempt by the landlord of the property to contain the cockroach colony inhabiting the kitchen and other areas of the property.

b) The estimated street value of each painting at the time
3 paintings (triptych)
300 x 300 x 10 mm (approx) each
plasterboard, treated and primed; white and red acrylic paint
exhibited at:
450 St Anns Road, London, UK (2003 - 2004)
Dollars, Pounds 'n' Euros, baby (Berlin Edition)