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Imparando da Firenze (June 2014)
experimental video with animation and sound

‘Imparando da Firenze’ was the 3rd project in Rupert Jaeger's ‘image trails of moments in time’ series. The projects in this series are characterised by connections made between different spaces and locations - usually in cities across the world – and precisely defined moments in time that occurred within these locations.

Technically, this is achieved by an animation technique, whereby the camera zooms – in frame-by-frame manner – towards a printed photograph applied onto a wall within a urban situation. The photograph depicts the key frame of an animation of the previous situation, thereby creating a seamless movement across different places and times, or an 'image trail of moments in time'.

Any given trail follows its own rationale, on a technical, visual and conceptual level. Each project in the series focuses on one or more particular such surface gateway trails, which then converge within a new general location and timeframe. In case of 'Imparando da Firenze', three trails converged in Florence, Italy, between 12 and 27 of June 2014.

New to the concept in this case was the introduction of a loose narrative and the extensive use of sound, which aids the sense of narrative, while creating a coherent soundscape for the experimental elements of the video.

‘Imparando da Firenze’ was first shown as part of Magma Collective’s 'Mnemonic City: Florence' project, which was presented at Galeria Xenos in Florence from 27 to 30 of June 2014.

experimental video with animation and sound
9min, 35 sec
16:9 digital video
exhibited / screened:
L’Arte dello Schermo, Florence, Italy (November 2015);
LARGO Residencias, Lisbon, Portugal (September 2015);
Hackney Wicked Festival, London, UK (August 2014);
Galeria Xenos, Florence, Italy (June 2014)
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