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'#MNEMONICCITY' (April 2015)
social media experiment

'Mnemonic City' is an arts project, which Rupert Jaeger has been involved in since its conception in September 2011. The core idea of this 'city of memories' is for artists to investigate and respond to a location in terms of its creative and emotional resonance, working both individually and collectively to present resulting artworks which re-frame the location. Rupert is part of a core group of 7 artists, who run the project, with exhibitions to date in London, Madrid, Florence and Lisbon.

In line with this concept, the group regularly undertake collective, investigative walks within certain urban environments, which usually form a framework of research for a particular project. In early 2015, Rupert Jaeger led an effort to take this investigate research to a new creative level, by integrating digital and social media tools into this exploration of urban environments.

As part of this effort, a social media experiment was conducted in April 2015, which used Instagram as a tool to create a shared experience and documentation of three groups of people simultaneously exploring particular areas of London, UK, Bologna, Italy and Lisbon, Portugal.

The route of the Instagram post sequence in ana-chronological order

The basic idea was to spell the hashtag #MNEMONICCITY through a collage of individual images, which were to be produced – in a pre-arranged sequence – between the three groups in their respective location. This was done in two distinctive ways:

Each group had to follow a pre-planned route that spells out their selection of letters as they walk them, as if the letters had literally been carved into the fabric of the urban context. At the end of each letter segment, a picture was posted on Instagram, showing a member of the local group holding up the appropriate cut out letter. Each Instagram post was accompanied by a message telling the next group in the pre-planned chain to 'walk their letter', until all letters had been posted.
In order to account for the reverse chronology of the instagram post 'history', this was done in reverse order, with the hashtag itself being the last in the chain, which was posted by the London group.