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Project A19 (February 2013)
experimental video with loose narrative

On a cold night in February 2013, an unusual conversation between two individuals took place at a hitherto unknown North London location. The conversation revealed not so much about the North London location itself, but its links to another location, which was identified only as image object A19.

For ‘Project A19’ Rupert Jaeger collaborated with Julien Thomasset, a visual artist, illustrator and painter. The concept was for Julien to choose one image out of a selection of approximately 150 images contained in Image Products & Product Images, without knowing any details of the image other than what he saw. Julien was to then use this image as inspiration and basis of an artwork for his own that would form part of the collaborative project. Rupert chose video as his medium for the collaboration.

The final result is an experimental video that both documents the making of an artwork, as well as being an artwork in itself. ‘Project A19’ was shot at Building BloQs in North London.

'Project A19 is dedicated to Julien Thomasset, who sadly passed away on January 10, 2016, after a long battle with cancer, which lasted over two years. Julien was not only a dear friend, he was like a brother to me....I still don't understand. I will miss you, my brother.'

Rupert Jaeger
experimental video with loose narrative
6min, 21 sec
16:9 digital video
Image Products & Product Images