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South Bronx, 1984
time travel instrument

In this chapter of the story, the Protagonist travels back in time to a place full of romantic memories, but upon arrival finds the place completely bomded out.

He explores the area in search of answers, but there are no inhabitants to be found or any other clues that could bring conclusive answers. Wishing to return to the future he makes his way back to where he came from. He walks for hours, in what seems to be circles, unable to find where he came from, until he realises that he is trapped in his own mechanical time travel instrument.

He eventually resigns to his fate and invents a strange, yet beautiful robotic dance, just to enjoy the eternal melody of time itself.

moving image installation
technical description
click here for diagram
architectural model: 45 x 45 x 45 cm
mechanical zoetrope: 45 cm diameter; 30 cm height
installation: 90 x 70 x 150 cm
architectural model: plaster, wood, metal and other materials
zoetrope: metal, wood and plastic
exhibited at:
Barbican Centre, London, UK; 21 -24 August 2015
'South Bronx, 1984' was exhibited as part of the 'Interfaces' show,
which explored the idea of art & technology.