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The Red Line (June 2004)
wall based installation

'The Red Line' was a project created in the context of The Rentner Years, a period between September 2001 and September 2004, during which time Rupert Jaeger worked with a group of artists under the brand 'Rentner'. The group's work centred around three main themes: the importance of images in capitalist society; the idea of history as a mathematical calculation of frozen time; and the corporate identity as the central unit of systems that control history through a constant manipulation of images.

Rentner, itself a corporate identity with all-encompassing powers, was visually defined by - amongst other things - a specific red colour: Rentner Red*. This particular colour was a recurring feature across a number of artworks, exhibitions and other projects by the group. As such Rentner Red became a leitmotif, or its Roter Faden**, spinning Rentner's history as it unfolded, until it came to an abrupt halt on September 22, 2004.

**(German: red thread)

In June 2004, Rupert Jaeger created a wall-based installation around this leitmotif, which was shown at 'The Foundry' gallery in East London. The project was presented in the basement - or 'vault' - of this former bank building.

The project consisted of a straight line, painted in Rentner Red, approximately 5cm in width, running horizontally across the complete interior of the vault, including all corners and extrusions. Besides two 'natural' gaps (the two exit doors) 'The Red Line' had four 2cm gaps, one on each main wall of the room. Above each gap was a plaque with a specific web page address of the rentner website, and underneath a plaque with a date, at which point this address would go live. One of those addresses directs to a page, which prompts users to enter their distance (in time) from the end date of the exhibition, the 12 of July 2004. To date, no response has ever been recorded.

wall based installation
50 x 25,000 mm (approx)
*Rentner Red (acrylic)
(C: 0; M: 99; Y: 100; K: 0)
(R: 255; B: 0; G: 0)
The Foundry, London, UK (24 June to 11 July 2004)
A. Wallhole
The Forbidden Area
After the exhibition had ended, before the walls, and the Red Line, were painted white again,
the 'Strappo' technique
was used to lift parts
of the Red Line off the wall to preserve it.
A number of pieces of the
Red Line were also
chiseled out from the wall
for the same purpose.