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Mall of Tangier, Retail, Entertainment & Culture Destination
Tangier, Morocco; February 2012

Mall of Tangier is a retail, entertainment & culture destination, currently under development in Tangier, Morocco. The project is the central component of a wider regeneration effort, which will transform the port area of Tangier into a new city district with residential, commercial, cultural and recreational facilities, including a new urban park. Mall of Tangier is developed by Groupe Aksal and was designed by Davide Padoa of Design International.

In early 2012, Group Aksal entered Mall of Tangier into a development and architectural competition by the City authorities with the aim to find the best proposal for this essential component of an already existing masterplan for the port regeneration.

Rupert Jaeger was given the task to produce a video that would explain the architectural concept and therefore help win the competition. Rupert was in charge of all aspects of this project, including concept and story development, as well as taking on the roles of producer and director.

The video was presented to the city authorities at the end of February 2012, and subsequently Group Aksal was awarded the development of Mall of Tangier.

concept, script & storyboard;
first edit
team credits:
Sedi Ghadiri (camera);
Thomas Wecker (motion graphics & final edit)
Roman Mantova (music)