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Cleopatra Mall, Luxury Retail & Leisure Development
Cairo, Egypt; November 2010/February 2012

Cleopatra Mall is a large mixed-use development currently under construction in Cairo, Egypt and set to open to the public in early 2017. The project will feature a mix of high-end & luxury retail, leisure and entertainment facilities, with an artificial outdoor lake and waterfall, surrounded by restaurants and bars. The architectural concept was created by Davide Padoa of Design International.

In mid 2010, DI Leasing, sister company of Design International, was put in charge of the leasing activities for the development. As part of these efforts, Rupert Jaeger was given the task to create a comprehensive leasing brochure, in order to provide crucial information to potential future tenants of Cleopatra Mall.

Rupert was in charge of all aspects of this brochure, including market research, story concept and design development. In addition, Rupert coordinated the different interest of the three stakeholders of this project: Design International (Architecture, Branding & Design), Cleopatra Group (Property Development) and DI Leasing (Luxury Leasing).

In detail, Rupert's responsibility consisted of the following:

First of all, the conduction of in-depth market research, with a focus on local and international competitors of the project, as well as an analysis and categorisation of the local catchment area. Secondly, the creation of a story concept that would aid the strategic objectives of the brochure and the wider campaign; the production of all content; copywriting of text; and also the responsibility for the accuracy of all architectural and retail related information. And thirdly, the development of the layout and design of the brochure, in line with the expectations and requirements of the client.

The resulting brochure became the main source of information that would aid all leasing activities for the Cleopatra Mall project. It was updated in 2012, to reflect changes in the interior architecture and amend retail information. The brochure is still used today to market the project.

market research & analysis;
story concept & structure;
copywriting & content production
design development;
stakeholder management
Cleopatra Mall campaign