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aerial CGI view of Cleopatra Mall
Cleopatra Mall, Luxury Retail & Leisure Development
Cairo, Egypt; June 2010 February 2011

Cleopatra Mall is a large mixed-use development currently under construction in Cairo, Egypt and set to open to the public in early 2017. The project will feature a mix of high-end & luxury retail, leisure and entertainment facilities, with an artificial outdoor lake and waterfall, surrounded by restaurants and bars. The architectural concept was created by Davide Padoa of Design International.

To launch the leasing phase of the project in June 2010, a marketing campaign was run as a combined effort by Design International (Architecture) and its newly founded sister company DI Leasing (Luxury Leasing & Marketing), on behalf of the client, Cleopatra Group (Property Development).

Rupert Jaeger was responsible for the overall coordination of the campaign, with a particular focus on the comprehensive communication of all project related information to potential future tenants of Cleopatra Mall across all platforms. In addition, he was responsible for a series of successful award submissions for the Cleopatra Mall project.

campaign coordination;
stakeholder management;
market research & analysis;
story concept & structure;
awards submission
The Cleopatra Mall brochure was the key component of the marketing and leasing campaign, as the most comprehensive reference document that would provide all relevant information pertaining to the project.

Rupert was in charge of all aspects of this brochure, including market research, story concept and design development. In addition, his role was to ensure the correct representation of the various stakeholders of the Cleopatra Mall project. In detail, Rupert's responsibility consisted of the following:

First, the conduction of in-depth market research, with a focus on local and international competitors of the project, as well as an analysis and categorisation of the local catchment area. Secondly, the creation of a story concept that would aid the strategic objectives of the brochure and the wider campaign; the production of all content; copywriting of text; and also the responsibility for the accuracy of all architectural and retail related information. And thirdly, the development of the layout and design, in line with the expectations and requirements of the client.
market research & analysis;
story concept & structure;
copywriting & content production
design development;

The Cleopatra Mall website was key in supporting the marketing campaign by providing a simple web platform with all basic information for potential tenants of the development.

Rupert Jaeger was given the task to create this site in a highly cost effective manner, with minimal, yet visually pleasing design, and a straightforward site structure, which was based on leasing brochure that had been developed previously.

Rupert was responsible for all aspects of this small website development, from concept creation over content structuring, site architecture and UI design, to implementation using Adobe Dreamweaver.

note: in late 2014, the site was transformed to wordpress format in order to allow for easier content update, while keeping the original site architecture intact.

overall concept;
copywriting and content production;
site architecture & UI design;
technical implementation
Fabio Porreca of DI Leasing at the press conference
Tradeshow Exhibitions & Launch Conference

As part of the marketing campaign, Cleopatra Mall had a dedicated exhibition stand at two Real Estate tradeshows in 2010: In June at EIRE, Milan, Italy; and in November at MAPIC, Cannes, France, where the project was officially launched to the public.

Rupert Jaeger worked in collaboration with Valentina Farinola (PR coordinator of DI Leasing for Cleopatra Mall) on the coordination of both exhibitions. His role was the production of all communications material, as well as the management of all branding and design aspects of the exhibition stands and supporting material, such as flyers and a video about Cleopatra Mall.

During MAPIC, a press conference and launch event were held, for which Rupert produced all strategic communications material.

brand consistency;
strategic communications;
copywriting and content production;
design supervision
Stuart Shield, Chairman, International Property Awards; Davide Padoa, CEO, Design International; Rupert Jaeger, HoC, Design International; DIna Zooner, Bloomberg Television

As part of the campaign strategy, Cleopatra Mall was submitted for a number of retail and property awards. Rupert Jaeger was responsible for strategic planning of the entries, as well as the production of the entries themselves.

Rupert created the entries' story concept, following submission guidelines, copywriting of all text, as well as ensuring consistency of brand, accuracy of architectural concept and retail data. He also coordinated the graphic implementation of images, text, graphics and other supporting material.

Cleopatra Mall won all three entries:

Best Retail Architecture - Arabia; Arabian Property Awards (November 2010)
Best Retail Architecture - Worldwide; International Property Awards (December 2010)
Best Future Project; Global RLI Awards (June 2011)

concept & story structure;
copywriting & content production;
architectural consistency;
layout & design