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Centerfalls, Designer Outlet Resort
November 2013

Centerfalls is a Designer Outlet Resort currently under development in Metn, an upmarket area of Beirut, Lebanon. The project will be the first of its kind, offering a unique combination of luxury designer brands at outlet prices, as well as upmarket leisure and entertainment facilities.

In late 2013, Rupert Jaeger, on behalf of Design International, was leading a marketing campaign to position Centerfalls as a desirable opportunity for luxury retailers and to generate leasing contracts for future tenants of the development.

As part of the campaign, a brand and logo had to be developed, which was designed and developed in partnership with Memac Ogilvy, who acted as a local branding and PR consultant.

Rupert Jaeger's role in the wider campaign was the overall coordination, liaising between the different stakeholders of the project: Design International (Architecture, Branding & Design), SIDcom (Property Development) and DI Leasing (Luxury Retail Leasing).

For the brand development, his role was to conduct pre-development research and analysis of the international market, oversee the naming process and ensure the consistency of the brand within an architectural context.

Of key importance was to create a brand with an international and luxury feel, while it should also appeal to the local population, identify with the surrounding area and reflect the architecture of the building, in particular the organically shaped terraces and the large waterfall in the interior public space of the project.

Rupert Jaeger creatively led this process and guided the local Memac Ogilvy team, who implemented the design of the logo.

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Centerfalls campaign