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aerial CGI view of Centerfalls
Campaign: Centerfalls, Designer Outlet Resort
Beirut, Lebanon; December 2012 - December 2013

Centerfalls is a Designer Outlet Resort currently under development in Metn, an upmarket area of Beirut, Lebanon. The project will be the first of its kind, offering a unique combination of luxury designer brands at outlet prices, as well as upmarket leisure and entertainment facilities.

The campaign to market Centerfalls was a combined effort of Design International (Architecture, Branding & Design), SIDcom (Development), DI Leasing (Luxury Leasing) and Memac Ogilvy, who acted as local branding and PR consultant.

Rupert Jaeger, as Head of Communications at Design International (DI), was responsible for the overall coordination of the campaign, liaising between the different stakeholders in general, and guiding the local Memac Ogilvy team in particular. The aim of this B2B campaign was to position Centerfalls as a desirable opportunity for luxury retailers and to generate leasing contracts for future tenants of the development.

campaign strategy;
campaign coordination;
stakeholder management
Brand Identity

Rupert Jaeger's role was to conduct pre-development research and analysis of the international market, oversee the naming process and ensure the consistency of the brand within an architectural context.

Of key importance was to create a brand with an international and luxury feel, while it should also appeal to the local population, identify with its surrounding area and reflect the architecture of the building, in particular the organically shaped terraces and the large waterfall in the interior public space of the project.

Rupert Jaeger creatively led this process and guided the local Memac Ogilvy team, who implemented the design of the logo.

pre-development research & analysis;
creative leadership;
brand consistency

The Centerfalls brochure was the key document to support the marketing and leasing campaign with all relevant visuals, data and other information pertaining to the project. Rupert Jaeger was in charge of the overall coordination of the brochure, with a particular focus on three production tasks:

Firstly, the conduction of in-depth market research, including analysis and categorisation of the local catchment area. Secondly, the creation of a story concept that would aid the strategic objectives of the brochure and the wider campaign; the production of all content; as well as copywriting of all text. And thirdly, the supervision of the layout and design of the brochure, which was developed by the local Memac Ogilvy team.

Rupert was also responsible for the accuracy of the architectural concept, brand identity and the appropriate representation of the three stakeholders of this project

The final version of the brochure was printed for use at trade shows and industry events, to be included in leasing, marketing and press packs, and was used in electronic form for online and email marketing.

market research & analysis;
concept & story structure;
copywriting and content production;
design supervision

As an important tool to support the campaign, the Centerfalls website was developed to be visually engaging, but with a straightforward and clear structure that would allow users to gain information about the project in a quick and to-the-point manner.

Rupert Jaeger's responsibilities in the development of this website were to translate the concept of the Centerfalls project brochure into a website structure; the copywriting of all text; and the selection of images and other relevant content.

The site architecture and design was implemented by Memac Ogilvy, while Rupert coordinated and supervised the implementation, ensuring the accuracy of the architectural concept, brand identity and the appropriate representation of the three stakeholders of this project.

The website was launched in November 2013 to coincide with the announcement of Centerfalls to the public at MAPIC, one of the most important retail property trade shows in the world, which takes place each November in Cannes, France.
overall concept;
copywriting and content production;
design supervision

The Centerfalls video was produced as an integral part of the wider PR and marketing campaign, yet with a particular focus on the architecture of the project and its architect, Davide Padoa of Design International. For this reason, the video was produced by Design International directly, with Rupert Jaeger taking full responsibility of all aspects of the video.

Rupert developed the concept, script and storyboard; he coordinated external contractors, such as motion graphics editors and the camera person; he directed the video and oversaw the editing and delivery of the final product.

Rupert also ensured the integration and consistency of the video with the wider Centerfalls campaign.

The video was first presented to the public during the launch of Centerfalls at MAPIC 2013, in Cannes, France.

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concept, script & storyboard;
first edit
Davide Padoa of Design International at the press conference
Launch, Press & Media Coverage

Centerfalls was officially launched to the public on November 14, 2013, at MAPIC, the world's leading retail property show, during a press conference entitled: 'Centerfalls, the first Designer Outlet in the Middle East'. The conference was attended by about 100 journalists, editors, retailers and other interested guest, who had been personally invited through a joint effort between Memac Ogilvy and Rupert Jaeger, with all strategic communications material having been produced by Rupert. The event was a big success and the project received great interest from the invited guests, which resulted in a number of articles in the local and international press, including Retail & Leisure International, REurope, Retail ME, Yes I Cannes, The Daily Star Lebanon and La Masat.

In addition to this press conference, Centerfalls was also presented to the public at a joint exhibition stand of Design International, Sidcom and DI Leasing. Rupert Jaeger was in charge of all technical and organisational coordination, as well as the pre-show marketing of the stand, which consisted of an architectural model of Centerfalls, a curved wall with large back-lit images of the project, and iPad stands with an interactive presentation that included the Centerfalls video.

PR coordination;
strategic communications;
copywriting and content production;
pre- and post-event marketing

As part of the campaign strategy, it was decided to enter Centerfalls for the International Property Awards, in the category 'Best Retail Architecture'. The award fitted perfectly into the campaign timeline, with the regional winners announced in late October 2013, just before MAPIC, and the global winners announced in December, just after MAPIC.

Rupert Jaeger was personally responsible for the award submission, creating story concept following the submission guidelines, copywriting of all text, and guiding his department in the graphic implementation in the form of a brochure with images, text, graphics and other supporting material.

Centerfalls went on to win both 'Best Retail Architecture – Arabia' in Dubai on 25 October 2013 , and 'Best Retail Architecture Worldwide' in London on 12 December 2013. The winning of the worldwide award was announced in a MAPIC follow up press release, finishing this launch campaign in style, which by this time had achieved 35% of pre-leasing agreements, 5% over its projected target.

award strategy coordination;
entry concept structure;
copywriting & content production;
Award marketing