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Centerfalls, Designer Outlet Resort
Beirut, Lebanon; May 2013

Centerfalls is a Designer Outlet Resort currently under development in Metn, an upmarket area of Beirut, Lebanon. The project will be the first of its kind, offering a unique combination of luxury designer brands at outlet prices, as well as upmarket leisure and entertainment facilities. The architectural concept for Centerfalls was developed by Davide Padoa of Design International.

In mid 2013, Rupert Jaeger was given the task to create a video to promote Centerfalls, both as an architectural project by Design International, as well as a retail & leisure development by SIDcom, the property developer. As such, the video was also an essential component of a wider B2B marketing campaign to help generate leasing contracts for future tenants of Centerfalls.

Rupert was in charge of all aspects of this project, including concept and story development, as well as acting as producer and director of the video.

The project started with an in-depth briefing by its architect Davide Padoa, after which Rupert developed the overall concept outline, a detailed script and a storyboard with all key scenes of the video.

At the same time, he put together a team for the production of the video, which consisted of camera person, motion graphics designer/editor and a composer for the music. The interview part of the video was then shot under Rupert's direction, while the other components, including a 3D animation, were produced according to the script and storyboard.

Once all components were ready, Rupert put together a first edit of the video, which was then finalised by a dedicated editor, who also added the music to the final version of the Centerfalls video.

concept, script & storyboard;
first edit
team credits:
Ines von Bonhorst (camera);
Thomas Wecker (motion graphics & final edit)
Roman Mantova (music)
Mushroom Multimedia (3D animation)
Centerfalls campaign