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Design International, Global Architecture Practice
London, UK; 2009 (still in use today)

Design International (DI) is an award winning global architecture firm, with its main office in London and subsidiary offices in Milan, Shanghai and Jakarta. Specialising in mixed-use, retail and hospitality developments, the firm has worked on large-scale projects in every corner of the globe.

Rupert Jaeger joined Design International in September 2008, in a role that originally entailed communications as well as graphic design responsibilities. One of his early achievements was the development of a new company website in 2009.

The new concept for the website was a complete departure from the existing site, and as such was to reflect a change of philosophy, vision and personalities, which Design International was undergoing at the time.

Rupert was leading and coordinating all aspects of the development of this new site, which was done in four phases:

Pre-development research and analysis; concept development & content structuring; site architecture & UI design; and technical implementation.

The first phase consisted of in-depth research and analysis of competitors' and other relevant websites, as well as analysis and identifying of all content that was to go on the site.

In the second phase, Rupert developed an overall concept for the site, with a particular focus on a clear and easy-to-use global structure; a strategic conveying of key information across the site; and development of a categorised system for all architectural content that would allow users to find information along parameters such as project type or year of completion.

In the third phase, Rupert developed the architecture for the complete site, which he then translated into a navigation and user interface design, with designs for all key pages of the site.

In the final phase, Rupert managed, supervised and approved the site's implementation, as per his detailed specifications, by an external contractor.
research & analysis;
concept & content;
site architecture & UI design;
implementation management
Head of Communications, Design International