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DI Leasing, Luxury Retail Leasing Consultancy
London, UK; 2010 - 2014

DI Leasing is an internationally renowned consulting company, specialising in luxury retail leasing, property and shopping centre management. The company was founded in 2010, as a sister company of award winning architecture firm Design International (DI).

Branding & Logo

Rupert Jaeger was given the task to create a concept for the brand and logo of DI Leasing, and fully develop the design, with two main objectives:

To create a brand that embodies a character of luxury and international flair; and to ensure the DI Leasing brand is instantly recognisable as a company of the DI Group. This was achieved by integrating elements of the parent brand into the design, albeit in an abstracted way that resulted in a logo, which is unique in its own right.

brand & logo concept;
logo development & design

Rupert Jaeger was responsible for the production and upkeep of the firm's corporate marketing, including all corporate brochures.

This responsibility would usually entail the creation of the overall brochure concept, story structure, writing of all text and the selection of relevant content. In the early years of DI Leasing, Rupert would also personally create the layout and final design of such brochures.

As his team grew, the final brochure design would usually be implemented under Rupert's supervision by a Graphic Designer of his team. The brochure shown here is the latest version, which was produced in May 2014

concept & story structure;
copywriting and content production;
final design production/supervision

After developing a brand and logo for DI Leasing in 2010, Rupert Jaeger was given the task to develop a website in line with this brand in early 2011. The overall objective was to develop a simple site in a highly cost effective manner, with minimal, yet visually pleasing design, and a straightforward site structure that would allow users to quickly gain information on this newly founded company.

Rupert was responsible for all aspects of this small website development, from concept creation over content structuring, site architecture and UI design, to implementation using Adobe Dreamweaver.

In late 2014, the site was transformed to wordpress format in order to allow for easier content update, while keeping the original site architecture intact.

overall concept;
copywriting and content production;
site architecture & UI design;
technical implementation