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Morocco Mall, Destination Mall
Casablanca, Morocco; December 2011

Morocco Mall is an award winning Destination Mall in Casablanca, Morocco, which opened in December 2011. The Mall was developed by Groupe Aksal and the architectural concept was created by Davide Padoa of Design International.

In the run up to the spectacular opening ceremony of Morocco Mall, Rupert Jaeger was asked to create a concept video, which would put emphasis on the architectural philosophy behind the project. The intention was to direct some of the public and media attention around the mall's opening to the project's architect Davide Padoa and his company Design International.

Within a very small timeframe, Rupert created a minimal, yet effective animation, which was based on 3D renders of Morocco Mall. The animation visually explains the architectural philosophy, the project layout and its main components, which is supported by a voice over giving further information.

To date, this simple animation has attracted over 300,000 views on youtube, with countless comments admiring the architecture of this award winning project.

concept, design & animation;
voice over script;
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Morocco Mall brochure