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During a trip to Cairo in 2012 for Cleopatra Mall
The Importance of the Story
At the core of Rupert Jaeger's creative practice is a fundamental belief in the importance of 'the story'. This is reflected in his work as an artist, which often has a sense of story telling, but it is also the basis for his approach to commercial work.

The story is always his starting point, it may then literally be narrated in words, provide a conceptual framework for a brand identity or set the narrative structure for a video, brochure and other corporate literature. Strategic thinking in itself entails an element of story telling; as the strategy – in the form of a campaign – unfolds, it must follow a narrative structure that holds the different components together and gives overall meaning.

Rupert has written a number of articles for respected industry publications, such as REurope or Building Design Construction; he has written content for countless corporate brochures, presentations, websites or videos; Rupert also has excellent oral communication and people skills, having attended a long list of corporate events as company spokesperson, presentation speaker or panel discussion host.
REurope (article)
Design International wins RLI's 'Designer of the Year'
Relationship Building as Conversation
Rupert Jaeger has extensive experience in establishing, managing and maintaining professional relationships with clients, stakeholders, journalists and other industry professionals. While being actutely aware of the importance of 'the story', Rupert believes in the power of true conversation. In other words, succesful corporate communications and PR work must never be a one-way monologue, but instead a mutal and interactive conversation.

This basic philosophy was key to Rupert's successful running of all corporate communications at global architecture firm Design International from 2008 to 2015. This included the coordination and management of all PR, press and media contacts, running of email campaigns, writing of press releases, production of corporate newletters, the upkeep of the company website and all social media channels.

As Head of Communications, he would also personally liaise with journalists, which regularly resulted in coverage in magazines and industry publications, such as RLI Magazine, Shopping Centers Today, the Rolls Royce Yearbook 2012 or Mall Architecture.
Rolls Royce Year Book 2012
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